Need reports that describe "last week" and "this week to date".

  • 23 June 2017
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We need reports that describe "last week" and "this week to date". We track this in our existing (bespoke) system, so we need this in Freshdesk.

We'd prefer to see this on a page at the same time, but that's not critical.

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5 replies

Also, I need to be able to define that the week ends on Saturday night, not on Sunday night.

Hi Smith,

You would be able to filter the in depth report, Performance reports based on the Last week (would be termed as "previous week") and this week to date (as "this week"). Could you please check if that helps ?

Also, we not have the ability to define when the week ends as of now. We would have to raise this a feature enhancement request to our product team.


What are the beginning and end days/times in Freshdesk's built-in week, for reporting purposes?

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Hi Smith,

This week would contain reporting from Monday to Sunday, with Monday being the beginning of the week. 

If you use calendar hours, the end time would be 12 am. If you use business hours, then it would be based on your business hours. 

Sorry for the delayed response.