Need to auto send Requester Notifications from one email group only?

  • 15 November 2022
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We are contacted by two different email distro’s and our trying to figure out how to send return REQUESTER NOTIFICATIONS from only one of the email distro’s?



2 replies

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Hi @JodyG 


Greetings from Freshworks Community! 


If my understanding is correct, you do have two support email addresses say: and, Now the emails sent to any of the email addresses should have email notifications coming only from Ideally this is not advisable since this may create confusion to the recipient since they would have sent an email to a different email address but receive notifications from a different email address. 


However this can be achieved if you do not verify one of the Email address, Email notifications will be sent only from the Verified email address. Also please note that you will also be not able to send out Emails (Replies) from the Unverified email address. 


I hope this clarifies.  

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We manage multiple email addresses and have 2 processes for this.


  1. Forward emails prior to FreshDesk. 

We have email address that have forwarding set up before reaching FreshDesk. is forward to within the Gmail server. So all notifications and responses are managed via 


  1. Response emails are triggered by automations.

To make it easier for reporting, I created a custom ticket field to name each of the email address and automatically assign the ticket field with an automation.

Then, I created a reply automation for each email address, so that a certain response will be sent depending on the email it was sent to.


Let me know if this helps and if you need any support with this.