Need to figure out the time taken by an agent to move a ticket from one place to another

  • 20 April 2022
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Hey Everyone! 


I work for the Ticket triaging team where the agents in our team work on analyzing the incoming tickets, and moving them to the right team for resolution. 


I have been trying to figure out a way to calculate the time taken by the agents to move these tickets to the right team from the time they appear on to the triage pool.


I have explored the Analytics and the reports section in FD, where there are the “Ticket Lifecycle” sections available aimed at doing exactly that. However, I am unable to find an accurate response here. For instance, I can get the First assign time in business hours, Calender hours and Time spent in business hours to analyze this, but none of the columns really give a good representation of what I am trying to look for. 



Moreover, I also have problems in changing these time values to the standard one where I will be able to perform any calculations in Excel or Google Sheets. As you can see, the format is in “xm ys” value. 

Is there a way in FD to directly export the data in the standard duration format?


Please lmk if there is a way out of this! 

0 replies

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