New Dutch translations in Freshdesk

  • 22 November 2022
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We noticed some recent changes in the Dutch translation of various elements in Freshdesk. Unfortunately, some of these new translations are of rather poor quality. Below are some of the changes we noticed, there may be more.


Original Dutch version

New Dutch version



In behandeling

In afwachting

OK, both “In behandeling” and “In afwachting” are fine.

Tickets I’m watching

Tickets die ik volg

Tickets die ik aan het kijken ben

Poor. “Tickets die ik volg” is better.

Add note

Notitie toevoegen

Aantekening toevoegen

Poor. “Notitie toevoegen” is better

Tickets I raised    

Tickets die ik heb geopend

Tickets die ik heb opgehaald

Poor. “Tickets die ik heb geopend” is better.


Could the bad translations be turned back?

The change of “pending” is fine, since “In afwachting” can both be interpretated as “being handled” and “waiting for customer”. I noticed this was an issue for some in other topics.

Kind regards,

Bart De Ridder

2 replies

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The Swedish translation is really bad as well. 

What we see that the system is translated word by word with no context.  


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Hi Bart & Daniel,


Thank you for reaching out to the Freshworks community.


We had this checked with our developers team and they have acknowledged the change as a bug. Our developers are working on reverting the same. I shall keep you posted with regard to further updates on this.


Thank you.