New emails/tickets not working.

  • 6 November 2021
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Interesting issue which I can’t get my head around. 


When sending an email from freshdesk or creating a new ticket as an agent the customer doesn’t receive the email however if I reply to the ticket after creating it the customer will receive the reply. 


I’m using a gmail account for now as I haven’t finished setting up the helpdesk so don’t know if this is anything to do with the issue. All forwarding seems correctly configured and verified. 


Any ideas?

1 reply

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Hello @JMMusic, Ideally when someones sends an email to your support email address which you have configured in Freshdesk with forwarding set-up, it would be converted as a ticket. When you reply back to the ticket, it would be sent to the requester.


If there are any breakage in this process, we can look into it in detail to see what’s going wrong. Can you kindly DM us account URL so that we can have this checked further?


Thanks and looking forward to having this resolved at the earliest :)