New Launch: The Late Lunch with Simon Johnson

New Launch: The Late Lunch with Simon Johnson
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:mega:  If CX is on your mind, conversations here are going to be brain fodder 


Join us for the launch of THE LATE LUNCH

A new CX-focused LinkedIn Live series where we sit down with a CX expert and chat away for 30 minutes about the latest in the world of CX over lunch.

Kick-off:  Mon, May 24, 1 pm BST

In the pilot episode, Simon Johnson (GM, Freshworks UK & I) talks to Martin Hill-Wilson (CEO, Brainfood Consulting) about how customer service teams can bring down customer anxieties related to automated systems. 


Who should attend: Anyone who’s knee-deep in automation (read: chatbot and automated self-service users) or looking to get started with it soon.


:point_right_tone3: Save your spot here. 

:bulb: To know more, view trailer here


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