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  • 5 March 2021
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We use Tracker tickets to monitor problem cases and update all related tickets. This is fine where tickets have been raised. However, if a Problem comes up before any tickets are raised, I want to be able to create a tracker. Normally I would do this from inside another ticket but in this scenario, no ticket yet exists. The only way I can see is to create a dummy ticket first, then create the tracker from within it and then delete the original ticket which is clumpy.

It would be handy to be able to create new tickets as Tracker cases or at least, to be able to convert a regular ticket into a tracker.




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3 replies

Hi there,


Hope you’re doing well. 


This definitely seems to be a specific use-case. We shall go ahead and pass on your valuable idea as feedback to our Product team who will be able to check the feasibility and work, to bring this feature in any of our future enhancements.



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That’s good to know