Newby here... be nice.... Changing Ticket Priority field

  • 9 September 2021
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Hi, just about to take over a Service Desk and want to make some changes.

Currently the SD does not use P1 - P4, the simply use Priory low, high etc.

There appears to be no way to pre-set the user fields as above. is this the case?


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Hello @J Pritchard,


Welcome to Freshworks Community! :)

At the moment, Freshdesk does not support relabeling the priority field values. However, you can always create a custom ticket field for Priority and use it for handling tickets in your helpdesk. You can also set up automation rules (Admin > Automation) to map the default priority field with the custom field configured.

Feel free to drop a note here for any further questions and we would be happy to help! 



Freshworks Community Team


This would also be a very useful feature for my organisation.

Current priority definitions to match the company or our supplier priority definitions but we would still like to make use of the impact/urgency matrix rather than have a custom field.

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We had to do this same thing. Setup a custom field that is visible to customer’s when creating a ticket in the portal. Hide the “priority” field, and then you use a rule to map the custom field to the priority field and update it accordingly. You should be able to use either in the reports/analytics so it does effectively make the priority field somewhat redundant….other than the SLAs that use it.

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It would be good if freshdesk can have this natively, upvoting

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Plus one on this, the ‘basic’ priority selection is not clear enough.

Level 1 (Low)

Use this for low impact on sales

Level 2 (Medium)

Use this for higher impact on sales