No contact pictures in the new design "Mint" - Why?

  • 6 November 2018
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 Hello. What's wrong with the new design?

what is wrong with the new design "Mint"? Why are the pictures of Facebook-user-contacts never displayed there?

If I switch back to the old design, it still works without any problems. Only in the new "Mint" design no longer. Why? I hope it can help me.

I hope someone can answer the question.


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1 reply

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Hello Rene,

Are you not able to find the contact pictures of Facebook contacts in your helpdesk? Just wanted to make sure that it works for contacts created through other sources. 

We use the Graph APIs from Facebook to fetch the image and load it inside Freshdesk, which might have been a genuine miss on the Mint interface. I'll check with the team and get back to you with some more details on this.