no sent it notification to customer when his email request is forwarded

  • 30 December 2013
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We have an email account, "", where we receive the requests from our customers. From this account we forward (manually for the moment) the email from our customers to the freshdesk account to create the ticket. The "" was stablished as an agent and occasional agent too.

However the ticket is created with the "helpdesk" account as a "applicant" and it sends the notification of the ticket to the helpdesk email account, and not to our customer's email.

I've read some posts with this same issue and I've followed the solutions, but still continues with this malfunction, if you could help me with this subject i would really appreciate it.


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2 replies

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Hey Ulises, 

Thank you for writing to us here. 

I am converting this forum post of yours into a ticket so that I can assist you better over a screen share session. 



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Summarising the solution offered by Anna :

When you forward an email from the agent account to the support address, the ticket will be created on the original requestors name. 

But, for this feature to work, the Forward header should be in English. That is, when you forward the email from your agent mailbox, the header that includes "From", "To" etc, should be in English. 

If it is in a foreign language, then this wouldn't work, unfortunately. You will have to manually change the requestor once the ticket is created.