Not able to login after activate my account

Tried to login after activate my account, and it shows me a page "Scheduled maintenance is under progress" and the url is /DomainNotReady.html.

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Hello Chow,

The account has been marked suspicious because of the following reason :  Top level Domain is Blacklisted . Looks like your domain has been blacklisted on a couple of spam checkers :


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We've unblocked the account now. You should be able to access the helpdesk without any issues. Let us know if you're looking for any further assistance.


I haveing the same issue. How can we get this resolved, now?

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@Anthony: Our automatic spam watcher has blocked your account for heavy creation of solution articles. One of our support heroes will get in touch with you shortly!


I am having the same problem?? Please advise

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@Elizabeth: We've unblocked your account. Happy Freshdesk-ing!


can you activate my account

Hi, We are facing the same issue. Our account is showing as under maintainence and the URL is Domain not ready. Could you please help us with a solution. 

We are getting the same issue for

please help

Not able to activate my account.
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@jyotidoc80 Your account might be blocked by our spam monitoring system as it could have considered the email address as a part of a suspicious domain or even for carrying out an extensive number of operations in your account over a period of time. 

Please mail our support team with your Account URL and the screenshot of the issue you are facing to And one of our agents would be able to fix this in no time. 


Freshdesk Community Team