Not receiving replies to tickets after responding to the question

  • 5 October 2021
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My company is setting up Freshdesk and we’re currently on the free account. We set up our email to forward emails to the email address provided by Freshdesk. This works great. However, when we receive an email (new ticket) and I reply to it on my agent account they will receive my email fine. But if they reply to it again, I will never receive it in the ticket conversation: 

  1. Customer sends email through
  2. I reply to the email (now ticket) on my agent account on Freshdesk
  3. Customer receives my reply and replies to the email again
  4. I never receive the reply of the customer in the ticket

How can I resolve this?

3 replies

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Hello @Frankicks, good day! Ideally, if the forwarding is set up right, when customer responds back to your reply, it would be threaded in the ticket. 


If you could share the EML file of the customer reply in the ticket we’ve created, we would be able to check this at our end to identify the root cause of the issue. Thanks and looking forward to helping you further here. 

I have exactly the same issue.

I recently set up Freshdesk, I can recieve tickets but my responses to tickets are not being recieved by the initiator.

I am not sure where to go looking for a fix

Can someone help


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Hi @trentfreck, can you DM us your Freshdesk account URL which would be in the format We’ll check the email delivery logs to see what’s happening in the backend and help you with more details on the same.