Notify Some Requesters on Ticket Creation

  • 20 February 2015
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I've disabled notification to the requester when creating a ticket, but sometimes I really do want to notify the client, so what I do is just reply to the ticket, so that the requester gets the ticket in his mailbox. 

I've just migrated from Jitbit, where there was a check box next to the requester field in the ticket view. When checking this box, the requester would get notified. Is there a similar option in Freshdesk?

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3 replies

I know with my setup i have it automatically email the requester so they know i have received their request and a new ticket number is assigned to them.If you have it turned off then they wont receive a reply.

i haven't seen a check box to that affect, but you do have the option like you said to email the requester once you update the ticket.

The way I work is that I mostly create tickets on behalf of my clients and most of the time, I don't want to spam them with every little issue. F.ex if I should install a lamp at a client location, I'll create a ticket called "Install Lamp". Now I can set due dates and such and being able to follow up on it. 

It is also when I create an issue towards a supplier that I want this. F.ex if I ask the supplier a question, I want it to be a ticket, so that I can follow up on his response. If I just sent an email, I wouldn't have the features associated with a ticket, like being able to remember what I asked and being able to follow up. 

So I kind of use Freshdesk to replace a normal email client. 

It's a bit weird when people get email from me, that it comes as a reply, cause that's the only way I can send a question, it seems. 

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Hello Jason,

First,my apologies for the lack of response on this thread. I'm pretty sure you would have figured out the solution but I thought I'd put it up here anyway.

You can use the Outbound email feature to initiate a conversation with the user which will also be linked to a ticket.