Office 365 Emails going to Junk

  • 31 May 2018
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 I am seeing an issue where all my outgoing emails from Freshdesk end up in Junk at my customers' end. This is needless to say causing a huge issue as my customers are not seeing my emails etc.

I have raised a ticket for this, they asked for all the headers - I've looked at them myself and can see all emails have a BCL score of 8 - which is high enough to get them junked by the Office 365... which is a big problem as I sell a lot of office 365 licenses to my customers and so none of them are seeing any of my ticket updates!!

Is anyone else seeing this issue? I may well have to switch helpdesk providers if this is going to be the case from now on. 

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9 replies

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Hello Martin,

If you're using the Freshdesk mail server option to send emails, you can setup DKIM validation to enhance the reputation of these emails. Give it a read and let us know how best we can help!


We are already using DKIM... it’s setup and all the emails go out signed but they still end up in junk.
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That's very unfortunate, Martin. I had a word with the team and it looks like the IP reputation has gotten a hit as it got blacklisted on few anti-spam sites.This is the reason why despite having the DKIM setup, the BCL score is on the higher side.

Our team is working on a remedial plan and we're hoping to get this permanently fixed soon. Meanwhile, we'll try to find an alternative solution and update you on the support ticket!


We are having exactly the same issue since yesterday (we are also using Office 365 and signing our Freshdesk emails with DKIM). Any updates on a resolution?

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@Martin We've routed the traffic through different set of IPs and it should prevent the emails from being flagged as spam. The reliability of these IPs are high and we're taking active measures to prevent any hit to their reputations.

@KitKemp-Gee: Can you please monitor the email behaviour now and see if they are delivered as expected?


So we had a few get marked as spam this morning, which were sent from or Some messages are getting through which originate from

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@KitKemp-Gee: The latest I heard from the team was that, the emails were routed through different set of IPs and they shouldn't end up in SPAM folder. I'm not sure what went wrong here. Let me create a support ticket for your case to troubleshoot this effectively.


I am having the same issue as of July 24. Can you help? Thanks

Hey @nelsonvergel,

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you. Could you please write to us at if you are having any persisting issues with emails going into spam?