onTicketUpdate - v1 - Backend Application

  • 8 November 2017
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Do backend apps in v1 work for anyone?

This is the second time where I've created a backend application which works well while local testing. However, when packed and sent to the development portal, it no longer works. 

This time, the "onTicketUpdate" callback is not working - when a status is changed the application does not get triggered.

Just wondering if this is happening for anyone else.

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6 replies

Not sure where the ticket was created, but no ticket was created under my account.

This topic has been converted into a ticket. 

Please send the zip file to vivek.kannan@freshworks.com or maheshst@freshdesk.com

Thank you for the response. 

I am looking for a specific ticket status change - works fine in local testing.

That is odd - I have quite a few custom apps installed. I can surely send you a zip - should I open up a ticket for this?


   I was not able to find any app currently installed in you account (https://presagis.freshdesk.com). Could you upload and install the app again in your account and trigger a few events which you believe are not functioning as expected. A zip of your app would also be very helpful.

This should not be happening. Is it not working for status change in all tickets? Or are there specific tickets where it is not working?