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  • 29 January 2019
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Went to reply to a ticket today but i can't send the update as i keep getting this error message.


Can someone please help me as i need to get the update sent out to the client.



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8 replies

Have you heard anything from Freshworks yet?  I have techs with the same

problem and its been happening for a while, but today seems to be

worse.  One tech mentioned that it seems to happen more often when the ticket has pictures in it.


Hi Kevin,

Not heard anything yet. That why i thought i post it on hear to see if i can get a response from them.

Most of my clients have pictures in their signature but not happening to all just the odd one or two.

So we have to call them to explain what the fix is then just close the ticket.


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@Ian@Kevin We've been seeing this occur sporadically but we haven't been able to find the underlying cause since the issue appears to go away after sometime.

If you have a ticket where you see this error, can you please send the X-Request ID of the failing request to support@freshdesk.com so that we can check the logs?


I have sent mine through to support.



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Thank you, @Ian. Did you add an inline image to your reply or does it appear anywhere in the previous conversations? I could see from the logs that one of the inline images added to the reply has failed to upload.


Not sure where the ID file is but here is the ticket https://aligroup.freshdesk.com/a/tickets/7324

Did not see my last post go through, but here is our ticket that give us issues https://aligroup.freshdesk.com/a/tickets/7324


This is the reply i got from them:

We had this checked and I believe this is an ongoing bug that we are facing in Freshdesk. In the meanwhile, as a workaround, you could clear out the draft and try to send the reply again.

Please allow us some time. We'll keep you posted as soon as we have an update on this.

Also to get the ID they are after try this:

I do understand that you are having an issue while sending out replies on some tickets which contains an inline image. I am afraid, the X-Request ID you have shared is not for the event of the reply sent. Please refer to the below video link with reference to obtaining the ID.


Please get the ID while sending out the reply. Also, could you please try to refresh the page or clear the draft, type in again and send out the reply to check if that helps?