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  • 12 July 2022
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Hi there, 

New to Freshdesk. 

Trying to figuer out how to count the number of emails an employee has sent whilst using Freshdesk using their analytics?

Is there a way on Freshdesk analytics where it counts the number of emails sent including any emails initially sent to customers (first contact to customers) and not just counting the employees replies to customers after the customer has initially emailed in?

Many thanks



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Hi Slammy,


This is what I have had to do. 


As tickets created by agents via ‘+New’ > ‘New Email’ will have the source as ‘Outbound Email’. Emails received inbound have the source ‘Email’.


You can get a count of outbound emails sent by selecting Tickets Created and filtering the source as Outbound Email.


so, I have one metric for outbound emails created and another for replies sent (no source filters), add have them together manually. 


It’s as close as I can get it, so I’m with you for anyone else who can provide something better. 


Hi Crocus_Benford, 


Yeah I though the same as this too but after checking the ‘underlying data’ the there are some tickets for outbound email being the same tickets as total agen resoponses. 


Might have to use this until someone can come up with something better.