• 3 May 2022
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Does anyone know how i can put a clock on tickets that have been set to pending.  I would like the ability to put a ticket on pending 9lets say cos a user has gone on holiday) but then set the time and date for when this ticket will come off pending and let the agent know.  i cannot see anything for this.  

3 replies

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Hi @King ,

Thank you for adding to our conversation, I understand your case here, but unfortunately we do not support dynamic time based conditions within Freshdesk as of now. Thank you notifying us about this need, I will have this passed on to our product team as a feature request.



Hi thank you for the response but that is not quite what i am after.  

Once we put a call on pending i would like to set a time for any amount of time from 1 minute to 100 days.  it needs to be dynamic not a static 24/48 hours.  it needs to allow the analyst to set anytime.

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Hi @King,

Welcome to the Freshworks Community!

I understand you are looking for your ticket to remain in a certain status till your agent is back. We can achieve this using a Time Trigger Automation, please navigate to Admin -> Workflows -> Automations -> Time Triggers and try implementing the flow shared below-



You can define your hours since pending, based on how long your agent is away, let's say if this is 2 days, it should be 48 hours, and since Time Triggers runs every one hour, this might keep running and send out emails to your agent in bulk, please keep in mind to have a lesser than 50 condition to avoid continuous emails being sent out as a reminder, I hope this helps!