Picture attachments or inserts not showing

  • 3 April 2012
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I have tried both .png and .jpg picture file attachments within Solutions, Forum Posts, etc and they do not populate except with a square box and a ?.  This happens whether I add the pic file with the WYSIWUG or as a file attachment.  Is there a proper way to insert pics so that the picture file appears in the posts?

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3 replies

Hi Jamie

Is this still happening ? We identified an issue and fixed this yesterday. Can you try this and let me know ?

I think that I have narrowed this problem down to MS IE. Using Chrome, Firefox and Opera the pictures show and using MS IE they do not. I also get an error message from IE stating that some of the content is not secure, I was using SSL. Turning off the SSL in the admin allowed the pictures to display in IE.

Also using my own logo gives a security problem in IE. I have this problem in IE v9 both the 32 and 64 bit versions on Win 7. On XP this problem occurs using IE 8. Not sure what other versions would do. I tried lowering the security setting in IE and also putting the Freshdesk site into the trusted sites but that did not work. As usual IE is not wanting to play nice.
Thanks for the update Paul

We will see How we can address this ? BTW, chrome and Firefox are the friendliest browsers :-)