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  • 13 December 2019
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I need to add a condition to hide elements from the Portal Home Page when users are not logged in. This code doesn't work for me:  {% if portal.is_not_login_page %} so I need smth to say when users are not logged in. Anyone has any ideas? Please help... :) 

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1 reply

Hi Victoria,

We're using this liquid here to determine if customers are logged in or not to show/hide the edit profile/logout buttons on our header.

                     {% if portal.has_user_signed_in == true %}

<a href="{{ portal.profile_url }}">Edit Profile</a>
<a href="{{ portal.logout_url }}">Log Out</a>
{% else %}
<p> Whatever else you want to show when there is a logged in user</p>
{% endif %}

Good luck!