Priority field appearing in French

  • 12 February 2018
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This morning, the available values in the Priority field are displayed in French. The rest of the ticket fields are in English as usual.

 Ticket Priority in French

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4 replies

We have found texts appearing randomly in various languages (Portuguese, Italian, Spanish). This was mainly the status field. However, where it is worse is the reply to customer's emails (the bit normally hidden, to be displayed with the three dots). This text normally reads "On <date/time>, <customer> wrote: ". This is sometimes also in a random language which can be confusing for customers.
FreshDesk are working on a fix, but not there yet obviously. .


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Hi Steve & Mark,

We've noticed this behaviour appearing across different sections of the helpdesk and this is confined to the MINT interface alone. We're working on a fix and you can expect it to be deployed in the coming week(s).


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We've pushed a fix to production last night for handling the mixed language across helpdesk functions.

@Steveand Mark : Can you please check your helpdesk and let us know if things are all rendered as expected?


- encountered the same problem today 

- (asian language characters suddenly appeared in the priority pulldown when creating new tickets)

- is causing concern for our agents 

- (we are also very concerned about our clients potentially receiving random language issues like this; results in incorrect client perceptions about location of support staff and security of data etc)