Public urls not properly clickable

I have configured my system to automatically send every new ticket an email including the public url. The link in the email results in a missing page (404). Upon closer inspection it appears the url is correctly displayed as

However when clicking on the link the url in the browser displays as .../ticket%20%s/...

What is the solution?

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Hello Tom,

Can you please remove the link and then include it using the {{ticket.public_url}} placeholder (you can access this from the Insert placeholders option)? That should do the trick.


I am using {{ticket.public_url}} already and I inserted it using the Insert placeholders option. 

It still has the problem.

The url is displayed properly but when clicked the browser inserts %20% in the URL

Looks like there is a bug in Freshdesk's system. I looked more closely and the url has a space in it. Here's the actual link:

notice it's displayed as .../tickets/...

However in the code there is a space so it's ../ticket s/...

That space is causing the problem. I'd  open a ticket but as a free user I'm not allowed to.

Maybe someone else can report this.

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Not to worry, Tom. I'll check this with the team and help you with an update soon. I tried to recreate this with my test instance but wasn't able to do so. Seems very random with specific accounts. 


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Can you log a ticket in your helpdesk with as the requester and share the link via the rule? It will help us to debug the case further.


Ok done.

is anyone looking at this?

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@Tom We've fixed the issue with the malformed public ticket url. Please check and let us know if you're still seeing this error.


Yeah it isn't always showing up for me anymore as properly, luckily. If it does inside the destiny, I'll provide any errors that I can get from the browser console here.

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Hello @uyase3,


We do not have any reported issues with public ticket URL at our end. In case you encounter the issue, please share screenshots of the error messages and your account details to check this further. Alternately, you can write to and we would be happy to help!



Freshdesk Community Team 

Thankfully, it doesn't appear for me as frequently anymore. If it works, I'll post any issues I can find from the browser console here if I can.