Random Responses to Default Survey

Something appears to be happening for one particular customer, when I resolve their tickets I get an immediate and random response to the Default Survey

On this ticket, I got 3 all different.  Speaking to the client she wasn't even in work at the time, so my best guess is an auto-reply to the survey response email

Today i've received 4, again all random.

Can we find out what the issue is?


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Welcome to the Freshdesk community! Are you aware of any email scanners setup at the customer's end? We've seen several instances where the email scanners trigger the survey responses without the knowledge of the recipient. 



That is what I suspected. as noted in the problem description... "so my best guess is an auto-reply to the survey response email"

How can we stop this from happening?

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We're working on a fix that would prevent this from happening. I'll post any updates on the timeline as we make some considerable progress with the bug fix. Please bear with us!


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With the latest release, we've pushed out a fix to handle this issue. The survey links will no longer be susceptible to email scanners. You can read more about the latest release here.


Hi we are having exactly the same issue. Does the fix need to be aplyed for each domain or do we have to do something specific to ours?

Thank you

We are having this issue as well.   Multiple survey responses are showing up for a ticket.   When we ask the customer about the survey, they state that they didn't click on the survey at all.

Today, I chatted with Janani at freshdesk support.   As a result of that conversation, they enabled the "email scanner feature".   We'll see if that makes a difference.

Following up, is there an indication that the email scanner feature resolved the issue? We were experiencing this same issue about a month ago  - we disabled the survey feature while awaiting an update/resolution.

Hi Anu - we haven't experienced the multiple survey response issue since the "email scanner" or "email compatibility " feature was enabled on our account a month ago.  

Since we don't know what caused the issue (or how to reproduce it), we don't know for sure that this feature resolved the issue.  

If you have the multiple survey response issue, it would probably be a good idea for you to contact freshdesk support and ask about adding that feature to your account.

We have the same problem, what is the fix?

We have the same problem !!!

Hey there,
We’re pleased to let you know that we have launched an Email scanner protection feature to help sort this issue out. Please navigate to Admin>>Customer Satisfaction Surveys and click on the gear icon to the right of Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Gear icon right next to Customer Satisfaction Survey.

This will allow you to enable the Email scanner protection feature as seen in the screenshot below.

Please feel free to let us know if the issues persists.