Redirect to ticket list after closing ticket

When you close a ticket, instead of pulling up the general "Tickets" page so that you can get cracking on the next ticket, Freshdesk grounds you on the same page. However, with this Freshplug, you can quickly move onto the next ticket list by directly opening the "Tickets" page, everytime you close a ticket. 


1. Download the zip file.

2. Unzip and open the .txt file

3. Copy the code from the file

4. Go to Admin->Integration->Freshplugs in you dashboard and click the new Freshplug button

5. Give a Name and Description to this plug for future reference

6. Select the text box “Show this widget in ticket view page”

7. Copy the code from the .txt file here and click the button "create and enable"


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After applying this FreshPlug, formatting on tickets is off with error of:

div id="redirect_to_ticket_list_page">

I agree with Mike...  Same problem

It looks like it's just missing the open '<' before div.  It should be:

<div id="redirect_to_ticket_list_page">


This FreshPlug does not work when you execute a scenario that closes a ticket. Can that be included?

It was just missing a character like Salena mentioned, works like a gem after adding it. Copy paste to plug from the file attached below.

Works like a charm! 

Does this also take you back to the ticket view if you have updated the ticket status to anything other than 'Closed'?

Ideally it would move you back to the ticket view after you reply and/or update the ticket properties in any way.

Can this be modified in order to go back to ticket queue not only if the status is close? I mean if I set status to pending, after the change send you to ticket queue view.

Thanks in advance