Remove Attachment Option in Customer Portal

  • 3 November 2021
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I’ve discovered that it is possible for a customer to attach an .exe file to a new ticket, and for that .exe file to be downloaded by a member of staff responding to the ticket.. 

Due to the possibility of a Zero Day being introduced to our network, we would like to either:

  1. Remove the attachment option from the portal
  2. Limit the attachment types to a small few (pdf, .doc, .jpg etc)

Has anyone got any advice on how to action the above?


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9 replies

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Hello @Wiggy42,


You can easily hide the Attach file option in your customer portal using the code snippet below. This can be added from under Admin > Portals > Customize portal > Stylesheet section.

.add_attachment {

For any further assistance, feel free to drop a note here and we would be happy to help! :)


Thank you for your suggestion.

I have used the code and added it to the style sheet.

The attach file link is now not displayed,  but the function to upload still exists if I hover in the correct location on the page.

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That’s unfortunate, @Wiggy42! :(

Can you please add the following piece of code to the New ticket page under Admin > Portals > Customize portal > Layouts and pages > Portal pages and check if it helps?





That has worked

Thank you very much

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That’s great news, @Wiggy42! :)



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is there any code that means I can add some text to the attachment field? it currently just says attachment but for some tickets I want to add a comment about hte type of document they need to attach. ie “Please attach your completed ISAM Association Form here. The form can be downloaded from here.”

They click on Manage Attachments -> Select the attachment to be removed -> Click Remove button.



Rachel Gomez

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Im not sure you have interpreted my quesiton correctly based on your response. Please elaborate. 

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I have a similar request to JCMLI1973. We need to customize the attachment language or add something to it indicating what should be attached. Also, is it possible to have multiple attachment fields?