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  • 14 October 2014
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Hi Guys

Can anyone help with a little issue that I am having...

Some of my replies to customers need to be copied to others and sometimes those that were CC into the reply will respond to the message. When this hits FD it is creating it as a new ticket... Has anyone found a work around to this? 

I have had to turn off auto emails for ticket creation because of this as i am then having to merge the tickets!! (frustrating and time consuming!)

Any help appreciated

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4 replies

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Hey Dave, 

That sounds like quite a trouble. I am converting this post into a ticket so that we can deal with this in more detail and figure out the solution more quickly. 

Hope that's okay.


Has this been fixed as I have seen what appears to be the same problem

I believe this happens when the email address from which the Reply originated is not already a contact in your FD.  We have most of our customers in the contacts list and very rarely do we see new tickets created from replies.

Thanks for your response Tim.


We have sent you an email asking for inputs to troubleshoot the issue. It will be great if you could respond to the email with the required  inputs.