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  • 4 September 2012
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I have noticed that when we use Freshdesk for an internal ticket we miss out on email notifications of replies.

In these cases, the requester who raises the ticket is also an agent (eg someone within the company is raising a request for someone else within the company to deal with, it's not an external request from a customer).

An example scenario goes like this:

Agent 1 raises a ticket and assigns it to Agent 2.

Agent 2 replies - Agent 1 gets an email notification.
Agent 1 replies - Agent 1 gets an email notification, but not Agent 2 (and it's Agent 2 who really needs to hear about it!).

So a reply from the requester, if the requester is an agent, is treated as a reply from the agent (and is sent to the requester, ie themselves).

This has caused us to miss out on replies on a couple of occasions. We can work around it by CC'ing replies to the assigned agent, but it seems a bit unecessary. In cases where a ticket has been raised internally, could replies from the requester be sent to the assigned agent instead of the requester?

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3 replies

Hi Tineke,

I do agree, when AGENTS create TICKETS, we don't provide NOTIFICATION, but in such case, its recommended to use the Notify Agent option

But I will raise this with my Dev Team and we will try to address this situation

Thanks Vijay,

"Notify agent" is only available when adding a note, not when sending a reply.  I understand we could do it that way instead, but it seems more intuitive to send replies (and intuitively one expects that using "Reply" will send out an email).

In any case, I hope your developers can come up with a good solution.

Many thanks,

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We had incorporated the Agent as a requester module a while back wherein it treats the ticket similar to a normal user's ticket. The notifications would be triggered to the agent who's handling the ticket except for the fact that if the requester and the agent are the same person, there would be difference in the behaviour.

In addition to these changes, we've also introduced Smart notifications wherein the agent would be informed about the ticket updates right within the Freshdesk window.