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I think helpful to configure which single users can access to the reports, also for the curated reports.

Now that’s possible only for role and not for users.





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@ba-operations Analytics in Freshdesk helps you identify problems in your helpdesk, keep a check on the metrics, and measure and improve the efficiency of your helpdesk. This is why we restricted analytics and reports to Supervisors, Admins, and Account Admins. 

However, complete features of analytics and reports are available for the Estate plan, and above, we have the ‘Custom Roles’ also from the same plan, so that we don’t have to limit access to the agents too for this plan.

Reports and Analytics under Freshdesk can be accessed by agents with a custom role as a feature but they will not be able to access all the data inside it.

We have date scoping for agents on analytics and reports, based on the permissions and the access he/she has. Let us say an agent belonging to Group ‘Escalations’ and having access to view only tickets assigned to this group, then the agent will only be able to view the data based on the tickets they have scope for. 

Hope this helps!

Freshdesk Community Team

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Hi Aldrin, that’s made sense for me.

Probably i didn’t make myself clear. Our need is to restrict the access only for a subset of Analytics/Reports.


  • Supervisor 1: access all reports/analitycs.
  • Supervisor 2: access only Ticket Volume Trends and Group Distribution and have no access to other analitycs/reports.

So, in this way the permission are different for each analitycs/reports and not for roles.


I hope now it’s clear.



Hi Davide,


Hope you are doing well :)


Thanks for elaborating on your specifics here. This definitely seems to be a legit use-case. We shall go ahead and pass on your valuable idea as feedback to our Product team who will be able to check the feasibility and work, to bring this feature in any of our future enhancements.



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Hi, Any news about this query?

Is there any update about analytics visibility. We’d like to limit visibility by agent groups and roles if possible.