Report all tickets for a contact, not just recent tickets.

  • 28 June 2017
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Contact details page has an area named "Recent Tickets". Why not "All Tickets"?

How can we get all tickets for the active contact record, without having to do a query?

What does "Recent" mean exactly?

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5 replies

Hi Smith,

The behavior as of now is to display the recent tickets of the contact.

The recent tickets will be populated based on the recent ticket created time.

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That's not an answer at all to my question of what exactly "Recent" means. How recent is recent?

The recent tickets will contain the last 5 tickets from that particular contact. If you would like to view more tickets, you can choose the option "Show more tickets" that is present in the same tab. Attached a screenshot of the same. 

Sorry, I don't see an attached screen shot.

Also, I'm looking at a Customer record and it shows 8 tickets (not 5) and no button to see more. Did you guys raise the number from 5? Not using Mint UI for this at the moment.

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Hello Mr.Smith,

Here's the screenshot that Thriyam was referring to . The Recent tickets button on the ticket page lists the recent 5 tickets from the customer . However, if you open the customer record , you would be able to see more than 5 tickets.