reported via phone

I've created tickets by email and by portal.

They all say "reported via phone".

How can I change this?



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Yes I have the same query !

Please reflect on the same.


The Retails

When an agent creates a ticket it is assumed the ticket came in by phone. There is some logic to that.

When you receive an email, and forward it to your support site it will be recorded as Source = Email.

I don't think there is a lot you can do about this (don't shoot the messenger, I don't work for Freshdesk). There is a request to be able to change the status code (no longer possible in Mint). I suggest you support that request.


Hi, any update on this, I just started using Freshdesk and hate that if I manually enter a ticket it says reported by phone

I don't expect this to change any time soon. In the past it was possible to change the source, but with the Mint version that is no longer possible. There is a thread requesting both editing to be possible again and allowing new values:

As long is that is not possible, "phone" seems the most likely source when an agent enters a ticket.   

 We get very few tickets via phone.  Almost all of them come via a portal or email.   We would like the ability to change this to another default and have the ability to select the method received .

This subject is being reviewed by Freshdesk. Suggest you contact them, as also described in the following thread:

Yes, this is confusing to our agents. Just don't say anything for manually created tickets. Better than inaccurately assuming it was by phone.

We would prefer to stick with "phone" (as in most cases for us that is correct), but have the option to be able to make changes to the Status field as was possible before the introduction of Mint.

Hello everyone,

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As @Markhas correctly said, it is currently the product behavior that the source is phone when an agent creates a ticket on behalf of the customer. While it isn't possible to alter the source from the UI you can update the source using API.

Here's how :

Request type : PUT

Use this :[id]

In the body : { "source": 7}

There are various numbers that correspond to the sources and they need to be assigned accordingly. Also, please note that all the mandatory fields have to be included in the body for this to work.

Here's our API document for reference :

Please write to if you need any assistance with this.


Wow, this is an odd design. 

We do not offer phone support but when I raise a ticket proactively for a user from email it says it is “Phone”….


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Hi @rodneyjoyce 


+ New Ticket option can be used by the agents to create a new ticket on behalf of the requester, ideally after a phone call. Hence the source of this ticket will be set as Phone.

However, you can add the custom Dropdown field with a few options of your Choice - Email /portal / Phone etc. And the agent can select the value from the dropdown.



Or you can update the source using API as mentioned above.

Request type : PUT

Endpoint :[id]

Payload: { "source": 7}


Let us know if you have further queries :)