Reporting on a dependent field inside a Ticket Type section

  • 29 March 2022
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I’m wondering whether it is possible to report on a dependent field, inside a ticket type section.

So at the moment, we have the default ticket field ‘Type’ with an ‘IT Support’ option. Selecting ‘IT Support’ displays the ‘System’ section, which contains a dependent field for all of our different systems, and then sub-categories of those systems, etc.

Is it possible to create a widget which would display ticket volume for each of those systems, and then let us drill down into the subcategories etc.? Has anyone had any luck with this?

3 replies


I’m new to this system.  Does nesting the dependent field inside the ticket type work?

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So this does work (turns out, I was being a tad impatient with Analytics not refreshing all the ticket fields immediately...) 


Setting ticket volume as the metric, and grouping by Type, you are then able to drill-down using all of your dependent fields. Neat!

I tryed doing this in my reports, but it still show only the firts category of depandants fields :/