Response to a deleted ticket should open or fork it

  • 10 December 2015
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It appears that if we delete a ticket and a customer replies to it, the reply is appended to the deleted ticket. It's hence never seen or noticed for action.

Would it not be better for it to fork the response into a new ticket? or restore the ticket?

Is there a setting or a work around to change this behaviour?

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Apologies for the pretty late answer on this thread. Though it is not possible to change this behaviour, you can still create a new ticket out of the response sent to an older ticket using multiple automation rules.

Rule 1 -To identify deleted tickets :

Create an observer rule with the following specifications :

Events are performed by -> Agent

And the event is -> Ticket is deleted

Actions : Add tag -> Deleted tag

Rule 2- To split the response sent to the deleted ticket :

Events are performed by -> Requester

And the event is -> Reply is sent

Properties -> Tag is Deleted ticket

Actions : Trigger webhook ( use FD API) to create a new ticket