Response to emails not showing in Freshdesk

  • 20 August 2021
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One of my team who is set-up as an agent in Freshdesk forwarded a response to another agents email address. This agent then responded via email (rather than responding from Freshdesk) and his response did not appear in the ticket response panel in Freshdesk. Is this normal behaviour if an agent replies via email instead of logging in? If not, what could have caused the response to go astray? My team are new to Freshdesk and they are not a customer facing team so they are still getting used to the process of logging in rather than responding to queries from their inbox.


2 replies

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Hello @KateW, the agent’s reply would be appended to the ticket only if the support email is a part of the conversation. Also, did agent A forward the ticket from Freshdesk to agent B? Can you check this both and help us with the details to investigate what had happened here?

Hi @Keer, yes the conversation was forwarded to agent B from agent A. Agent B received that conversation via email and responded via email. The conversation was not recorded in the ticket.