Saving Emails In Categories

  • 20 January 2014
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Is it possible to save email tickets and if so, can we save them to specific folders?  This is a feature I'd definitely need.  If User A keeps emailing and over, I can pull up User A folder and see previous tickets.

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5 replies

When you are in a ticket, on the top right hand corner where the users details are you can click on recent tickets to view their recent ticket history. Or, you can type their email address into the search box to view all tickets associated with that email address

Thank you.  So I can delete email once answered but can retrieve from your system if need be?  That's perfect.


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Hey Pam!

If you delete a ticket, then it would not be coming up under the "Recent Tickets" section. 


Uhm, tech support says I can delete then retrieve via Search... So I have to keep ALL email if there is a chance I have to refer to it or track a user's comments?
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Hello Pam,

I'm pretty sure that you'd figured out the answer but I just thought I would write one here anyway. We also apologise for not being so active in this topic.

All deleted tickets will fall into the Trash folder and they would be permanently wiped off the system after 30 days . The ideal option would be to Close tickets after you'd answered them so that you have the complete history tracked in the helpdesk.