Search doesn't work well with email adresses

  • 27 October 2011
  • 7 replies

If I type in the search box, it returns nothing in the popup even though there are tickets associated with that email. If I put emailname@gmail. (without the "com") it works, but as soon as I type the "c", the results vanish.

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7 replies

Hi Mario

We did actually place some stop keywords like "is" , "was" , "the" and more but not sure whether .com is included in the keywords. I will check this and get back to you




The problem is not .com is the ".c" or ".p"

If the email address domain is "", while typing this happens:

email@live - shows results

email@live. - shows results

email@live.c - NO RESULTS - shows results - shows results - shows results - NO RESULTS - NO RESULTS

This is a bad thing we cannot search by email...

Hi, Vijay,


Mario is right. This problem exists. Even worse , we can only guess what are the words and the symbols , the so called "stop words" that we do not have to use in order for the search functionality to work properly. Can you provide a complete list of such symbols or words.



Hi Guys

Please check this List for the "Stop Keywords". Let us know of the words that need to be removed.




I don't believe those stopwords have anything to do with this... I just know that pasting an email address in a helpdesk software is crucial and this needs a solutions as soon as possible.

Hi Mario

This problem should be resolved by now.

We will also improve this Stop Words list and make search better




Thanks Vijay. It works now!