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  • 25 November 2014
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I wanted to tag our Solutions for relevance when searching. Unfortunately this does not seem to be working properly. I will provide an example below.

I added multiple solutions all with Warcraft listed somewhere in them(Title, Description, Tags).

The desired article to be pulled is below.

Title: Warcraft Warcraft Warcraft

Description: Warcraft Warcraft Warcraft Warcraft Warcraft Warcraft

Tags: Warcraft

When I searched Warcraft, the desired article was listed 9th for Relevance.

The #1 Article on the list only has Warcraft listed once in the description with no tags. If I add Warcraft as a tag to the #1 Article it then shows up lower on the list for relevance.

 I guess I am not understanding the tag/search system.

 Is anyone else experiencing this problem and if so, what did you do that works for you? Any help is greatly appreciated here.


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8 replies

Anyone have any info on this behavior? 

I mean, it really defeats the purpose of tagging anything, since it seems to function in reverse to how you'd expect it to. 

We have the same issue here.  Somewhat bizarre. 

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Sorry to keep you all waiting. We are looking into improving the search function to fetch more refined and better search results. Our team is already on top of it and we will keep you posted about the improvements. 



First results could be contacts? Customers/company? And not tickets created by this contacts? See also this topics:

Thanks for the reply Sajesh! Right now we are having to remove all the tags since it seems to mess with the search function and actually lowers the relevance of anything we tag. Search still seems fairly broke even after doing that though. We have about 200 articles, which necessitates search. 

We look forward to an ETA on resolution, and using this system. Freshdesk is still a fantastic product even with its shortcomings. 


I have asked for an update on this ticket: as well but any update will be great. This function is lackluster and needs to be improved. Improvements will benefit everyone using the product.

Thank you!

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to share that we have recently rolled out a major enhancement to our search implementation involving substantial relevance improvements. We have designed this enhancement after carefully evaluating all the valuable feedback received and hope this enhancement considerably improves your search experience within Freshdesk, while we analyze further optimizations to the feature. Thank you for all your feedback!