Search results that match tag show full solution text

  • 13 February 2014
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When searching for solutions using a tag, the results show the full solution text instead of a truncated version (summary). This makes the results difficult to read and very long!

We are trying to use tags to categorise our solutions and link users to a search page showing all the matching results. But this is not working well.

It would really help if search results that match a tag were truncated to first few lines.


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2 replies

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Hey Richard,

Totally valid and it sure doesn't help much. And this is why we are in the final stages of coming out with our new Search UI which will have the lines truncated and clean. 

Please bear with us until we get to push this one out! Watch this space for more as I will surely keep you posted!



Hi Anna - Just noticed that this is now fixed. It's working nicely. Thanks!