Searching Japanese texts does not work in articles [Solutions]

  • 6 April 2022
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we have a customer facing portal, going to use Freshdesk Solutions to create articles for FAQ in Japanese. 
The main problem is “search”: Searching simple Japanese Texts DOES NOT work. It doesn't matter if they are separated by space or any character or if they are in one line. it does not work. 
I even put them as a Keyword in each line, it did not work. the same works for English texts.

see below
screenshot of article , note the two English and Japanese words added as Keywords:

if I search for English text (works as expected )

if I search for a Japanese Text ( doesn't work while clearly separated in one line ):

The only suggestion from Freshdesk support is to put the text we are searching between quotation. It works, but It simply does not solve the problem as it is a customer facing, we can not enforce users to do this all the time. 

Please note, the same applies if user search for anything, even full article name. 

we need a solution to let users simply search japanese texts without a need to add quotation.

Raised this as a bug to Freshdesk support, received a response that   “Unfortunately, this is the expected behaviour. you could raise this with our Devs to take this up as a feature request/bug”. Disappointed. Please help.  

1 reply

Thank you for this Ali. This is really helpful. We shall keep you posted on updates regarding this.