"Send and set as" defautl Send button

  • 1 February 2022
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How can my team click the Send button and have the button select the “Send and set as Resolved” automatically, instead of performing two clicks for every single ticket we send a response to?

We set as resolve 90% of the time… 

3 replies

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Hello @JohnEXO ,

I understand your concern here, but unfortunately, we don’t have this feature as of now because  when you use the Send and set as Option, you will have the ability to make use of the other Ticket statuses like the ones listed below:



But not to worry I will be cascading your feedback to the Ideas section of our community so that our product team gets some visibility on your thoughts.

Feel free to drop in a note if you have a doubt😀

+99% of cases, sending a reply requires a status change or reconfirm same status. Button as currently functioning is an invitation to unintended fat finger click

Having button “send” behaving like that is bad CX and bad UX. Upon click of Send, prompt menu should require user to select one of the options. 

Not quite terribly hard to code since Freshdesk Devs would “only” need to tweak a little bit the functionality. Could go as simple as disable function from [Send] and remap function from [v].

You could add an override selector option in the Admin panel for it for those that somehow love the current behaviour.


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@JohnEXO you might be able to solve this with an automation rule. In admin > automations > ticket updates you could try setting a new rule that fires when a reply is sent by one of your agents. You could then customise that rule further to only target specific types of tickets. Finally, under actions, set status as resolved.

In practise this would have the same effect as your agents doing the two clicks.