Send customer Survey only when the ticket is really closed

  • 12 June 2012
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We are testing Freshdesk at the moment. I want that the customer only get the survey, when the ticket is really closed and not already when the agent is resolving the ticket.

When the agent reply to the customer, that status can go to "resolved", but then I want to wait 48h before the survey is sent and the ticket becomes "closed". The reason is, that the customer should have the chance to reopen the ticket. Only when the customer is closing the ticket, or the ticket is closed because of the 48h limit the survey should be sent.

How can I configure this?



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First off, I'm sorry for the late reply. You've probably figured out the answer yourself but I thought I'd put it out there anyway.

You can configure the survey setting to send survey links only when the ticket is closed under Admin -> Satisfaction Survey section.