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When we use the handy FreshWidget generator from the Admin tab, it generates the scrips and such to put a "Support" button on our website that autosubmits to FreshDesk.  That is very handy.

However, how do we autofill fields in the form that this FreshWidget pops up?  For example, we'd like to set the requester field on the form to be the email that the user has used to login to *our* website, instead of making them type in the email.

I don't see this documented anywhere, and unfortunately, without being able to autofill the Requester field, FreshWidget is not of much use to us.


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Joel, did get a work around for this?

I'm surprised that I cannot find API documentation for the freshwidget.js!

Hi, any progress on this?

Hi Joel

We will be implementing this soon in Freshdesk. Mostly in a few weeks time

But for now, you can just add this line to the Widget code.

FreshWidget.init("", {"queryString": "&widgetType=popup&helpdesk_ticket[requester]

Just include this additional content after &widgetType=popup and requester email will be set.

FYI : I hope the widget is invoked from your App or website, to which the user would be already signed in, via SSO or so


Hi Vijay,

Thanks for your answer.

Is it possible to make requester's email non-editable in this form?



Al, I'm afraid that's not possible just yet.

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We now have an option to pre-populate the fields in the feedback widget and also you would be able to disable the field so that the users cannot edit the value . Here's a self-help article that walks you through the pre-populating & disabling fields in the widget.


How does this work for the embedded widget?! In the article you mentioned here it shows how to setup the popup widget and uses the below code. However the embedded widget does not have FreshWidget.init script but only uses iFrame!

How do we do the same for Embedded widget??


<script type="text/javascript">
FreshWidget.init("", {"queryString": "&helpdesk_ticket[requester]={{}}
"widgetType": "popup", "buttonType": "text", "buttonText": "Support",
"buttonColor": "white", "buttonBg": "#338700", "alignment": "4",
"offset": "235px", "formHeight": "500px",
"url": "http://<yourcompany>"} );


Just figured it out, you have to include the parameters in the URL 


<iframe title="Feedback Form" class="freshwidget-embedded-form" id="freshwidget-embedded-form" src="[requester]" scrolling="no" height="500px" width="100%" frameborder="0" >


note the




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Thanks for the note,Khaled. Let us know if you need any help.


Hello, how are you?

I would like to add custom fields to the support widget.

Follow the tutorial here, but I did not succeed


FreshWidget.init("", {"queryString": "&helpdesk_ticket[requester][custom_field][plan_id]=1234&disable[requester]=true&widgetType=popup&formTitle=Ajuda+e+suporte&submitTitle=Enviar&submitThanks=Obrigado+pelo+seu+contato.+%0D%0ANosso+tempo+para+resposta+%C3%A9+de+1+dia+%C3%BAtil.&searchArea=no", "backgroundImage": "", "utf8": "✓", "widgetType": "popup", "buttonType": "image", "buttonText": "Suporte", "buttonColor": "white", "buttonBg": "#006063", "alignment": "1", "offset": "-15%", "formHeight": "500px", "responsive": "yes", "url": ""});

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Hello everyone,

With the new help widget and its identify API, you can fill user information such as their name and email when someone's trying to submit a ticket. Learn more about prefilling user information here. You can also use the hide widget API to hide certain fields in the widget. Learn more about hiding fields on the contact form on the help widget here.

The new help widget is being rolled out in batches. You can signup for early access here. You can learn more about the widget here, and here

Hopefully, this isn't too late, and has been helpful. Please reach out if you need any help with the new widget.