Set/Update Subject text using Automations, Scenarios, and Canned Responses

  • 3 October 2022
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I am submitting this as an enhancement, as this functionality does not exist, to my knowledge. There have been a few requests/questions around this topic, but it appears they have all been archived, or the original need has not been captured.


We receive tickets through various channels where we need to set or update the Subject for appropriateness and data governance. When tickets are received/created - the original requester email sets the ticket subject. We need the ability to set/update the subject using Automations, Scenarios, and Canned Responses. That way, when we programmatically or manually respond to the requester, the email subject line appears per our Company Policy and branding guidelines and provide consistency for data governance purposes. Furthermore, it is inefficient for end users to update these manually.


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Hi @pc-load-letter 


Greetings from the Freshworks community!


I understand that you would like to modify the subject of a ticket once it is created. You can trigger the subject change in tickets by setting up an automation rule under Admin > Automations > Ticket creation rule > New rule > Setup conditions and setup the action as "Trigger webhook".


Here, please input the following as the same and in the ‘Content’ section, pass the values inside the "subject" parameter.



Sample ticket:



Let us know if this helps :)


Hi Aishvarya,


Unless I am mistaken, usage of Web Hooks requires custom development via APIs. We are seeking a Freshdesk enhancement so Freshdesk can make these changes using the following Freshdesk product features:

  • Automations
  • Scenarios
  • and Canned Responses

As a result, I am unable to mark your response as the “best solution.” We are seeking an enhancement/idea, not a clarification of current feature(s).


Happy Ticketing,
Justin B


I tried this steps but it didn’t work too.