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  • 28 May 2020
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I'm trying to set up our responses and alerts in a specific way and I'm wondering if anyone else in the community has this set-up.  We're a small shop and there's a lot of coverage overlap.  We also are used to using Footprints and responding to tickets primarily via email.

FD now sends multiple alerts to agents and requesters for every update or comment or change or reply.  I'm trying to simplify the flow without losing important communication.  The biggest issue is that there's confusion between emails sent out that are alerts, or informational ABOUT the ticket, but not having anything to do with the actual communication between user and agent.  I want to limit that, and I thought I had.  But if I can't limit it, I want it to be "named" the same thing.  If a ticket is updated because its status changes, I don't want a new email to go out with the subject "Status Change: Ticket Title" because that creates a new email thread.  Then agents complain they get too many emails.  They want to be alerted when they're assigned a ticket and when the requester responds.  And then they want to respond to the ticket via email.  That's their whole interaction.  They can go to the site to close it later or change things, but back and forth communication needs to be few emails and low on alerts.

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Hello Ben!

You can navigate to Admin > Email notifications > Agent notifications to limit the number of notifications triggered to agents and also customize them according to your requirements. Refer to this link to get detailed insights on the same. Additionally, we recommend agents using your helpdesk to handle tickets so as to avoid any discrepancies.

Feel free to drop an email to for further queries. Cheers! :)