Slack channels are not showed in configuration


I’m trying to use the Freshdesk-Slack integration..

I added some new public channels to our Slack in order to redirect the notifications there, and when I’m trying to add these channels to the Access Public Channels, they are not in the list of choices.

Any idea on what the problem might be?

This is happening only with the public channels, if I create a private channel it appears in the Access Private Channels list immediately




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Hi @LeonLer, I hope you are doing well today! 


With respect to the issue with slack channels, can you confirm if the public channel is listed in the first 100 channels as we are fetching only the first 100 public channels from our side during the integration? 

​Also, can you confirm if the user who performs the integration is an admin user in Slack with all privileges like: commands, bot,channels:read, chat:write:bot,identify,groups:read, im:write, im:history, groups:history, channels:history, users:read, im:read?


If yes, to narow-down the issue further can you please write to and our support buddies would be glad to assist you further on this case. 


Thank you, 


Freshdesk Community Team 

Hi Keer,
I’m fine thank you, hope you are well too :)


The channel is probably not listed in the first 100 channels because we have 179 of them and the ones I created are the newest ones. I’m guessing that would be the problem here... Do you have a way to work around that? Or a way to get the channels into the first 100?

The user is an admin user with all the privileges on both Slack and Freshdesk.

In any case, I sent an email to the support as well.


Thank you for the answer,


I had the same problem this makes the Slack app next to useless, after pressing for an increase in the number of channels brought back they have closed my support ticket.

Has anyone received solution for this problem? this is so annoying.. 

this is definitely annoying. How can we test something if we have more than 100 slack channel. 

We cannot test anything on any random channel OR atleast keep some number of testing channel that can be created for testing purposed

This is a terrible bug. Does anyone have a bug number from freshworks ?


A quick workaround would be to lets us just type in the channel name and then validate it.



Is there anything happening with this request? This solution for automation is super helpful, but having a limit on channels seems counterproductive. Is this on Slack’s side or on Freshdesk’s?


Adding my voice here. Why can’t we manually add channels by Channel ID or something similar? This limit is going to be a real problem for us. 

After wasting 45 minutes trying to figure out what was wrong… I found this thread. Very disappointed to learn that a year later, something so simple is still an open issue. 


We are in the early days of setting up FreshDesk and I find myself questioning whether it’s worth continuing. Can someone from @freshdesk please respond?

This is extremely unfortunate. I want to use the action hooks for slack that the legacy slack app offers. The new slack app offers no control over the level of detail that is in the notifications. And I do not need to have every status events synced in slack. The legacy app would allow me to create my own notifications with the level of detail that fits within my company slack policy. That feature alone makes the legacy app superior to the new app.

The only thing making the legacy app useless for that purpose is that I cannot provide the legacy app to the public channel that I created for this notification. Very sad to see only the first 100 channels are available. The slack workflow actions are a great feature and they’re unable for me giving the public channel limitation.

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Upvote also, this makes the slack integration next to useless.

After 7 years, I think Freshwork could spent a few minutes development time to fix this.

(Make it 1000 channels, or find another solution)

What also doesn’t help is that it also fetches archived channels to link to.