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I created a very simple app using server method invocation and it does not work in FireFox yet it does in Chrome.

Also, once published on the live portal, it does not work...

Here is the app.js:


function invoke() {


client.request.invoke("onLoadMethod"options).then(function(alertData) {

// data is a json object with requestID and response.

// data.response gives the output sent as the second argument in renderData.

console.log("server method Request ID is: " + alertData.requestID);

console.log("server method response is: " + alertData.response);

}).catch(function(err) {

// err is a json object with requestID, status and message.


console.log("ERROR: " + JSON.stringify(err));

console.log("Request ID: " + err.requestID);

console.log("error status: " + err.status);

console.log("error message: " + err.message);



//window.addEventListener('load', function() {

$document ).ready(function() {

app.initialized().then(function(client) {

window.body = $('body');

window.client = client;




Here is the server.js:


exports = {

onLoadMethod: function(options) {

console.log("Backend hit...");

var error = { status: 0message: "Error while processing the request" };

return renderData(erroroptions.accountNumberKey);



In FireFox, I get the following error:

ERROR: {"status":0,"headers":{}} app.js:59:9

Request ID: undefined app.js:61:9

error status: 0 app.js:63:9

error message: undefined

Any ideas?

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See attached pic of side by side Chrome Vs FireFox...

Chrome works.

Firefox does not.

In production it does not work either.


Any update on progressing this issue.

When making client.request.invoke requests, I find every request is triggering an error response with the contents on the err holding the following:

err: {headers{},status:0}

I do not experience these issues with Chromium.