Software Development Process and Change Management

  • 12 January 2023
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Hi All -

A growing startup and we just acquired a company to double our size.  We are now at the stage where our current workflows and processes are not meeting the new demand.  We put together a small customized app that is now getting holes poked into it because we never received the true user requirements.  Users are asking for changes that are far out of scope and it’s causing some chaos.  I need something where an executive or stakeholder requests an app, change in an app, a process, whatever from IT by filling out templates.  That template comes to IT and we discuss, then reply back with our proposal.  The user then “signs off” on the finalized agreement.  That way, there is no confusion on what was proposed and what they agreed on.

With many upcoming changes, I am trying to get ahead of this.  I see some possibilities in FreshService but I am not sold.  Does anyone complete this function within FreshService and have any recommendations?  Did you build templates within the system or are they already available?  Or.. did you bring in outside resources?  Any advice here is appreciated, thanks.

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