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Which languages does solution suggestor support? 


Best answer by hanneskola 21 June 2021, 14:50

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Hello @hanneskola, below is the complete list of langauges supported in Freshdesk. 

Languages supported in Freshdesk

You can add these languages under Admin → Helpdesk settings and add soluton articles for the same.Ensure they are set visible in the portal you want your customers to view the articles in different languages. 

I hope this helps. If you have further queries, please post them here and we’d be glad to help. 

Unfortunately, this does not help me. I’m well aware of how system languages can be changed or added and that you can translate KB articles.

What I’m asking is that can Freddy AI read for example Finnish emails and provide suggestions for articles to Agents? 

So the thing in the picture below but everything in the UI and email is Finnish. Or can it provide suggestions based on English text only?


Turns out it does support other languages too, got it to work.

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Turns out it does support other languages too, got it to work.

Yes, @hanneskola. It supports all the languages specified. We’re glad you got it to work. If you have any further queries you can always post them here or write to and we’d love to help. Thanks!