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  • 7 December 2021
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I searched for existing queries on this, but I did not find this one… 

Is it possible to make solutions articles and categories accessible by Group or Agent Role? Meaning I want to categorize my Solutions Portal and I want certain people from my company to be able to access certain documents. I want each user type and/or Group to access only certain categories or articles.

Is this possible?


I know you can create segments for Customers and Contacts - but can you create segments for agents?




2 replies

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Hello @foxcubmama,


Freshdesk does not support sub-categorizing the article visibility for agents, at the moment and segments are specific to customers only. However, you can make use of custom roles functionality in Freshdesk to provide solution articles access to agents based on their roles. 

Also, your request is absolutely interesting and I think it’ll be worth to raise this as an idea so that other community members can also vote for this and bring attention to our product team. 



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CIRCLING back to this one… you can add a tag to contacts and thereby create a contact segment - can the same logic apply to agents? Agent Segments?

Then we can allow access to certain areas of our knowledge base to certain people in our company.


FD can make “ROLE” one of the options here:


This type of specialization is needed for us to utilize the solutions center internally.