Some contacts won't delete, keep reappearing, related to Russian spam

We received spam tickets and spam contacts, Russian letters. I've read about blocking with Dispatch'r based on Russian characters and made these rules, however...

I deleted a long list of contacts (spammers), all except two, which keep reappearing even after I click delete and get a positive confirmation "2 contacts deleted" 

IDs:  1043230694   and  1043232260

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I setup the rules for the Russian spam tickets to be flagged as spam.  but they are still creating new contacts in my portal, constantly.  Still getting tons of notifications.  This is a mess.


We have been having this same issue for months now. We have a Supervisor rule setup to delete tickets created with Russian characters but the Contact records are still there 1000's and 1000's of them which makes it hard to manage our contacts list with tons' of unwanted records.

Same here. I managed to delete the contacts I could not get rid of through the user interface through the API. Just download Postman or something similar and zap them with a delete request.