Source Choices on Ticket Creation

  • 6 March 2022
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In our ticket fields, we have the basic choices for sources

However, when I go to create a ticket on behalf of a customer in the tickets section, under the source dropdown, only “Phone” is selectable.


How can I set this up so that the other options are available from that dropdown?


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5 replies


We are encountering the same issue.  We receive and accept inquiries via email, sms, and phone.  We need the ability to select the appropriate source.

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There is a work around if you add custom Sources via Ticket Fields.


New Ticket



Ticket Fields


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Hi @gbtoast,

I see you are looking for other custom source options while you have your new ticket created, I am afraid this is the intended product behavior and the phone source is currently hard coded to be visible to all agents creating tickets from within the helpdesk considering internal tickets are mostly created by agents who hear from customers.

You could either create a new custom source to facilitate this, available from our Pro Plan,  please have a look at our solution article for further insight into the same -

But, if you would like your source to change every time a ticket with source phone is created you can achieve this by using a ticket creation rule and a web hook following the given documentation-

  1. Please navigate to Admin → Workflows → Automations → Ticket Creation and create a Ticket Creation rule with the stated configuration

    You can select your choice of source from the stated documentation and insert the number accordingly into the script to change the source of the created ticket. I hope this helps!

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Welcome to Freshworks Community :)


When you create a new ticket or outbound email on behalf of the customer, the source will be “Phone” by default. When you try creating a new ticket, the system interprets the source of that ticket as being a phone - since the only circumstance under which we imagine you would want an agent to create a ticket would be if you received a phone call - since all other mediums are covered in ticket creation.


This cannot be changed to maintain the integrity of the system. Currently, this is hardcoded in the system.


Don’t hesitate to leave a note if you have a doubt!

I understand this is a hard-coded setting. However, we have several use cases where agents receive and respond to inquiries from various sources other than phone (e.g., mail, SMS).


For example, all the mail we receive from consumers, we scan a PDF and send to Freshdesk via email. We do this for regulatory compliance to track every piece of mail with the consumer. So, all our mail tickets state source = email, but it was mail. We frequently need to explain this to external auditors and our bank. (We are in the FinTech space).


As a user and admin, we need the ability to Add/Update to a source other than phone at ticket creation and after a ticket was created - preferably without the pro plan and/or DEV work via the API.